Forging Trust: The Significance of Authentic Relationships in Business | Interview with Pinar Ormeci from Timus Networks

Forging Trust The Significance of Authentic Relationships in Business Interview with Pinar Ormeci from Timus Networks


In today’s digital age, securely connecting in the virtual realm has never been more crucial, highlighting the importance of robust cloud-based network security solutions like Timus Networks. Pinar Ormeci, CEO discusses the company’s focus on cloud-based network security and its expansion into North America. Timus Networks primarily works with managed service providers (MSPs) to protect modern workforces in remote and hybrid work environments. Pinar emphasizes the importance of zero-trust network architecture and how Timus Networks’ AI-driven, cloud-native firewall as a service helps businesses secure their data. The company targets industries with a work-from-anywhere approach, such as tech startups, transportation, construction, and more. Client acquisition involves a combination of methods, including attending events and leveraging digital marketing, while Pinar underscores the significance of building authentic relationships in business. Her journey as a leader has taught her the value of authenticity and trust in business relationships.

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