Building Strong Relationships: The Catalyst for Referrals and Service Expansion | Interview with Raven McShane FORWARD Platform

Building Strong Relationships The Catalyst for Referrals and Service Expansion Interview with Raven McShane FORWARD Platform


Community can mean so many different things. Connection, support, friendship. It’s the backbone of any successful society. FORWARD Platform helps accelerate access and equity for communities. Raven McShane, Senior Director of Growth discusses their comprehensive integrated program administration solution for state and local governments in the United States. FORWARD Platform helps administer over $1 billion in programming and assistance by streamlining the process, ensuring equity, and reducing waste and fraud. Their clients primarily consist of government agencies responsible for administering various funding programs, such as rental assistance, emergency cash, small business grants, and programs related to climate change and workforce incentives. They acquire clients through the public procurement process and build strong relationships, leading to referrals and expanding their services. The website is a crucial tool for educating and engaging prospects, with a focus on case studies to help potential clients see themselves in FORWARD’s success stories. The team looks to optimize website interactivity, provide more downloadable content, and create comprehensive case studies.

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