Successfully Engaging and Empowering a Diverse Audience | Interview with Omer Maman from Healthee

Successfully Engaging and Empowering a Diverse Audience Interview with Omer Maman from Healthee


Navigating healthcare systems can be unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. So platforms like Healthee are creating better avenues to transform the system. Omer Maman, VP of Marketing discusses how their company is revolutionizing the healthcare experience by providing personalized and efficient care. Healthee’s platform offers instant answers to coverage, treatment, benefits questions, open enrollment support, and tailored preventative care suggestions. Omer emphasizes their mission to make healthcare accessible for all employees, regardless of industry or seniority. He also explains how Healthee reaches its audience through events, social media, and word-of-mouth referrals, highlighting the effectiveness of their product in solving common healthcare challenges. Engaging a diverse audience requires understanding; addressing the unique pain points and needs of each persona. Omer emphasizes the importance of tailoring marketing assets and messaging to resonate with different personas and acknowledges the challenge and excitement of dealing with such a diverse audience. Omer advises marketers to critically evaluate marketing trends and always ask “Why?” while emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and gaining insights from diverse sources.

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