The Power of Tailored Experiences: Unleashing Personalization and Data | Interview with Elizabeth Hagale from BlueTape

The Power of Tailored Experiences Unleashing Personalization and Data Interview with Elizabeth Hagale from BlueTape


Pay and get paid faster with fewer hassles. Sounds good to me, especially when you’re funding and driving growth. BlueTape is a payment and financing platform for the construction industry. Elizabeth Hagale, Digital Marketing Manager, discusses how their service works and the customers they serve. BlueTape focuses on providing financing for builders and empowering suppliers to offer financing to their customers. Their aim is to help small to medium-sized construction businesses and bridge the gap for those who may be overlooked. They use a combination of word-of-mouth, industry events, online marketing channels such as Google Ads and social media ads, and email marketing campaigns to reach and engage with customers. The website plays an educational role and also serves as a lead capture tool, allowing potential customers to become pre-qualified without affecting their credit scores. Elizabeth mentions that they utilize personalization tools, such as those provided by HubSpot, to create tailored experiences for individual situations while leveraging data to inform their marketing strategies. Listen in as Elizabeth shares some recommended resources for marketers.

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