Transforming a Website into a Conversion Optimization Tool | Interview with Louis Condon from Pearce Commerce

Transforming a Website into a Conversion Optimization Tool Interview with Louis Condon from Pearce Commerce


Converting shoppable media into actionable insights empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies effectively. Pear Commerce is a retail eCommerce platform that connects CPGs to retailers, enabling shoppable tools, insights, and closed-loop marketing. Louis Condon, Head of Strategy and Growth discusses their mission to bring modern e-commerce capabilities to the retail channel, filling the gap between direct-to-consumer and pure-play eCommerce. They aim to help brands strategize and balance their approach to eCommerce, focusing on the grocery and mass merchandise sectors. Louis talks about the challenges of getting the word out in a crowded market, highlighting the importance of storytelling. Through a recent revamp, the website has become a key tool for conversion optimization, conveying their value proposition clearly, attracting inbound leads, delivering educational content, integrating with marketing campaigns, and providing a source of valuable feedback. He highlights the evolving product landscape and the challenges of defining their message in a rapidly changing industry.

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