Unlocking B2B Marketing Success Through Effective Communication and Collaboration | Josh Shulman from Innovecs

Unlocking B2B Marketing Success Through Effective Communication and Collaboration | Josh Shulman from Innovecs


Josh Schulman, Head of B2B Marketing at Innovecs, joins Ernesto to discuss the importance of communication and collaboration in achieving B2B marketing success. Innovecs is a software development services company that helps businesses in various industries, including supply chain, gaming, health tech, and collaboration tech. In this episode, Josh highlights the challenges of website conversion and the importance of understanding your target audience.

He also shares valuable insights on client acquisition strategies, including the growing influence of events and the underutilized potential of TikTok for staying up-to-date with marketing trends.

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Ernesto: Welcome to today’s episode of Pathmonk Presents. Pathmonk is an intelligent tool for website lead generation, addressing the challenge where over 98% of website visitors don’t convert. Pathmonk helps qualify and convert leads by determining their stage in the buying journey and offering tailored micro experiences like case studies and intro videos. You can increase conversions by 50% by adding Pathmonk to your site in seconds. Visit us at pathmonk.com. Today, we’re joined by Joshua Shulman, Head of B2B Marketing at Innovecs. How are you today, Joshua?

Joshua Shulman: Doing well, thank you. Thanks for having me.

Ernesto: It’s great to have you. Let’s dive right in. Can you tell us more about what Innovecs specializes in?

Joshua Shulman: Certainly. Innovecs is a software development services company that excels in digital transformation across various sectors like supply chain, iGaming, mobile games, health tech, and collaboration tech. We provide comprehensive services including end-to-end development and quality assurance, helping clients rapidly assemble teams and manage projects at a reasonable cost.

Ernesto: What key problem does Innovecs solve for its clients?

Joshua Shulman: The main challenge our clients face is the high cost and difficulty of assembling development teams. We streamline this process by quickly mobilizing skilled developers to launch projects efficiently and cost-effectively, addressing needs in gaming, supply chain, and other industries.

Ernesto: Which industries do you primarily focus on?

Joshua Shulman: We concentrate on four core industries: gaming, online non-financial gambling, supply chain, and collaboration tech, including tools like JIRA and Miro. Personally, I find the gaming sector particularly engaging as a casual gamer myself.

Ernesto: How do clients typically discover Innovecs?

Joshua Shulman: Most of our business comes from referrals, which is common in the software development services industry. However, we are expanding our efforts in other areas like outbound and inbound marketing, with events also proving to be a successful channel.

Ernesto: What role does your website play in client acquisition?

Joshua Shulman: Our website is crucial, especially for showcasing our capabilities in the gaming industry through InnovecsGames.com. We’re currently working to enhance our main site to better represent our expertise and streamline client acquisition.

Ernesto: Any tips on improving website leads?

Joshua Shulman: Focus on making your website user-friendly and conversion-oriented. Avoid overwhelming visitors with excessive content and ensure the site addresses the pain points of your target audience clearly and concisely.

Ernesto: As Head of B2B Marketing, what are your key responsibilities?

Joshua Shulman: My primary role is to ensure my team’s success by facilitating communication and collaboration across the company, translating discussions into actionable strategies, and focusing on organizational improvements.

Ernesto: With the vast amount of marketing information available, how do you stay updated?

Joshua Shulman: I balance between following thought leaders on LinkedIn and consuming digestible content on TikTok, which provides quick insights and tool recommendations relevant to digital marketing.

Ernesto: Before we wrap up, if our listeners could remember one thing about Innovecs, what should it be?

Joshua Shulman: Remember that Innovecs offers flexible, worldwide software development services tailored to specific industries like supply chain, gaming, health tech, and collaboration technology.

Ernesto: Thank you, Joshua, for sharing your insights. Listeners, check out innovecs.com to learn more about their services. Joshua, it’s been a pleasure having you on Pathmonk Presents.

Joshua Shulman: Thanks, Ernesto. Glad to be here.