Unlocking Customer Experience Insights for Revenue Growth | Interview with Georgi Mirazchiev from Chattermill

Unlocking Customer Experience Insights for Revenue Growth Interview with Georgi Mirazchiev from Chattermill


If you want to provide your customers with the best service and experience you need to effectively collect data and leverage it intelligently. Georgi Mirazchiev, Demand Generation Manager discusses Chatermill‘s work as a customer intelligence platform, helping companies analyze customer feedback to improve their customer journey and deliver better experiences. They focus on understanding the relationship between customer experience and revenue growth, identifying the reasons why customers leave or have certain preferences. Chatermill’s main acquisition channels are organic search, followed by paid channels like LinkedIn and Google. Their website plays a crucial role in client acquisition, and they are actively working on optimizing the website experience to improve conversions. One of their strengths is the way they structure their website to guide visitors through the conversion funnel, with informative content leading to more transactional pages. Georgi also highlights the ongoing challenge of reporting and understanding the return on investment for marketing channels, emphasizing the need to determine where to spend money for the most impact in generating revenue.

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