Unlocking Sales Efficiency with AI-Powered CPQ | Mitesh Sura from GoCloudz

Unlocking Sales Efficiency with AI-Powered CPQ | Mitesh Sura from GoCloudz


Struggling with lengthy sales cycles and inefficient quoting processes? In this episode, we speak with Mitesh Sura, the Chief Growth Officer at GoCloudz, a B2B SaaS company offering an AI-powered CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution built for Salesforce. Mitesh dives deep into how GoCloudz empowers sales reps to streamline workflows, reduce deal cycles, and ultimately close more deals.

Learn valuable insights on how AI is transforming the sales landscape, discover lead generation strategies for B2B companies, and get practical tips to boost your sales efficiency.

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Ernesto: Welcome to today’s episode of Pathmonk Presents. Pathmonk is an intelligent tool for website lead generation, helping to convert over 98 percent of website visitors who don’t typically engage. By analyzing user behavior and delivering targeted micro-experiences like case studies and intro videos, Pathmonk ensures that your value proposition reaches potential customers at critical decision points. Learn more at pathmonk.com. Today, we’re joined by Mitesh Sura, Chief Growth Officer at GoCloudz. How are you today, Mitesh?

Mitesh Sura: I’m doing great, Dean. Thanks for having me.

Ernesto: It’s great to have you here. Our listeners are eager to learn about GoCloudz. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

Mitesh Sura: Certainly. GoCloudz Technologies was founded in 2008, and we specialize in CPQ—configure, price, quote—solutions on the Salesforce platform. We’ve been pioneers in CPQ since 2010, providing tools that enhance efficiency and effectiveness for sales teams across various industries.

Ernesto: What key problems does GoCloudz solve for your clients?

Mitesh Sura: We primarily help sales reps overcome the challenges of marketing complex product configurations to customers. Our tools enable them to recommend the right products at the right prices quickly, based on the customer’s specific needs and context, such as geographic location or project type. This not only improves the sales process but also significantly reduces the sales cycle, sometimes from months to just 15 days.

Ernesto: That sounds incredibly valuable. Could you describe your ideal customer profile? What industries benefit most from your services?

Mitesh Sura: Our solutions are horizontal but find particular value in industries with complex product sets, such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. Any customer using Salesforce CRM can benefit from our tools to enhance their sales processes and efficiency.

Ernesto: How do potential clients typically find out about GoCloudz?

Mitesh Sura: Most of our leads come through inbound channels. If you search relevant terms on Google or Salesforce’s AppExchange, you’ll likely find us. We also have a strong partnership network that frequently refers new clients to us, recognizing the added value our tools provide.

Ernesto: Can you tell us more about the role of your website in client acquisition?

Mitesh Sura: Our website is crucial for both product showcasing and lead generation. Visitors can learn about our CPQ applications, read customer reviews, and even download a free trial directly through the Salesforce AppExchange. It’s streamlined to guide potential clients to the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Ernesto: Do you have any tips or strategies for effective website lead generation?

Mitesh Sura: Keep your website clear and concise. The attention span of online visitors is short, so it’s vital to convey the most important information rapidly. If more detailed information is needed, direct them where they can delve deeper. Recently, we’ve added a chatbot to our website, which has proven effective in generating leads by facilitating real-time interactions.

Ernesto: As a leader, what are some of your daily focus areas at GoCloudz?

Mitesh Sura: I wear multiple hats, from partner relationships and product development to marketing and sales. This year, I am particularly focused on expanding our partner relationships and increasing awareness of our applications.

Ernesto: Lastly, if you could share one piece of advice with someone starting their marketing journey, what would it be?

Mitesh Sura: Start building connections early. Attend events, network extensively, and build relationships before your product is fully ready. This foundation can be crucial when you start active marketing.

Ernesto: Thank you for those insights, Mitesh. For those interested in reducing their sales cycles and enhancing efficiency, visit gocloudz.com to learn more. Thank you, Mitesh, for joining us today on Pathmonk Presents.

Mitesh Sura: Thank you, Ernesto. It was a pleasure sharing about GoCloudz.