Value-Driven Interactions That Resonate Across Every Prospect Stage | Interview with Jennifer Kattar from Realtime Agency

Value-Driven Interactions That Resonate Across Every Prospect Stage Interview with Jennifer Kattar from Realtime Agency


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, embracing a full-funnel approach to growth has become more crucial than ever before. So you’ll want Realtime Agency backing your growth efforts, as an independent digital performance ads agency that focuses on a scientific method for marketing. Jennifer Kattar, Brand Director explains how they function more like a lab than a traditional agency, leveraging digital scientists across their teams to provide data-driven solutions. Their client base is diverse, serving industries like e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and energy. With personas ranging from analyst-level to C-suite, tailoring their support to each. Their comprehensive approach to user acquisition seamlessly integrates with their website’s role in the user journey. Their website serves as more than a digital storefront; it guides potential clients through a carefully orchestrated narrative that highlights the agency’s data-driven expertise. From informative webinars and workshops to insightful blog content, Realtime Agency’s online presence cultivates value-driven interactions that resonate with prospects at every stage. Jennifer touches on the impact of third-party cookie deprecation on attribution, offering insights into how Realtime Agency helps clients adapt through strategies like audience architecture and focusing on creativity. Jennifer gives us insight into the use of marketing mixed modeling (MMM) as an alternative to traditional attribution models, and the need for experimentation to validate results. Jennifer highlights Realtime Agency’s value-driven approach to marketing and its efforts to adapt to evolving challenges in the digital landscape.

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