The Website’s Role in Converting Visitors into Loyal Customers | Interview with Scott Mears from RoamBee

The Website's Role in Converting Visitors into Loyal Customers Interview with Scott Mears from RoamBee


In a world of complexity and uncertainty, who wouldn’t wish for the ability to see it all? RoamBee gives you the power of better Supply Chain Visibility and Intelligence. Scott Mears, Global Field Marketing Manager, gives us insight into RoamBee a company based in Leeds, UK, that provides supply chain solutions using physical sensors and an AI-powered platform. RoamBee helps businesses in various industries track the location and condition of goods and assets during transportation. They discuss their focus on AI and how it differentiates their solution in a market with many sensors. They primarily serve pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, automotive, consumer electronics, and returnable assets, each with different supply chain needs. Scott explains their multi-pronged marketing approach, which includes events, webinars, website, paid social media marketing (especially on LinkedIn), and outreach by their sales team. They also touch on the importance of their website’s role in converting visitors into customers. RoamBee’s website plays a crucial role, serving as a gateway for businesses to access vital information, engage with insightful content, and take the first step toward optimizing their operations.

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