Where to find your first customers | Interview with Martin Peters

SaaS Company

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In this episode, we spoke to Martin Peters who is the founder and CEO of Xtatio, which is an app-based tool that empowers sales individuals to develop and improve their sales performance via 360 feedback including customers.

Martin shares with us how and why he started Xtatio and what has he learned on the way. Before founding Xtatio, he gained experience from Microsoft, McKinsey and World Health Organization. Now he has taken that knowledge and turned it into a SaaS company that does everything to improve both the employee and customer experience while boosting the performance of sales organizations.

We spoke all about starting a new SaaS business and getting over the first hurdles. For example, how to find your first customers? Martin told us all about their sales approach and shared their online strategy and website metrics that young SaaS companies like his should care about. Check it out…