Grow your SaaS with AB testing for website conversion? I Interview with Gil Eyal from HYPR

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Gil Eyal is the CEO and founder of HYPR, the market leader in data-driven influencer marketing automation solutions. HYPR lets brands and agencies strategize, manage, and scale their influencer campaigns by introducing audience demographics and automated tools that connect with micro-influencers, as well as performance tracking solutions, into a market severely lacking in technology.

Gil has revolutionized the way many of the World’s biggest agencies and brands are running influencer marketing by focusing on data, analytics and audience demographic information relevant to traditional digital marketing. He is an accomplished public speaker and has delivered keynotes at notable influencer marketing conferences.

In addition to speaking about influencer marketing, in today’s episode, we focus quite a lot on website nuances that company owners should focus on. Gil also shares his approach to A/B testing and how he has grown as a CEO. 
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