3 Key Steps to Successful Outbound Marketing | Interview with Jake Jorgovan from Lead Cookie & Content Allies


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We welcome serial entrepreneur and leadership, sales, and marketing connoisseur Jake Jorgovan. Jake joined us to discuss his journey with two of his successful companies, Lead Cookie, and Content Allies. Lead Cookie is a B2B lead generation agency helping to generate qualified sales opportunities. Content Allies help companies build revenue-generating podcasts. So really, he just does everything we love.

Jake dives into the behind-the-scenes of his growing businesses well giving us access to his personal journey and offering us advice. With his expertise in outbound marketing, Jake can offer listeners perceptive suggestions and steps to take in order to be successful in outbound marketing.

Outbound leads are unfortunately not built on trust in the same way inbound leads are. We have to ensure that our targeting is accurate, our message is relevant, and that we work to build the relationship with more intentional touchpoints. Click play and learn more about successful outbound marketing.