Intelligent buying experience
for revenue acceleration

Personalized customer journey with Pathmonk’s Intelligent Assistant

Intelligent Buying Experience
for revenue acceleration

Uplift website conversions by +40%

Expand what you can do​

Add Pathmonk to your team and supercharge what you can do on your website

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buying experience

Each customer and each journey is different. Pathmonk automatically optimizes each experience on your website

No changes to website

Improve your website without changing it. Installing Pathmonk takes less than 5 minutes

Automated Customer Journey Personalization

Personalized Buying Experience

personalized buying experience

Intelligent Customer Journey

In the old fashion way, once a website customer journey is set, it is expected that a user follow that journey until they convert or they leave. But, is that the optimal path to conversion?

Pathmonk intelligent customer journey, find the most direct path to conversion for each visitor and allows to convert on each page were the Pathmonk’s Assistant is running. It reduces the number of steps & creates a frictionless customer journey. It decreases the complexity and time needed to complete a conversion, simplifying your digital processes and powering up your website.

If you care about conversions and want to provide a delightful website experience, it takes less than 5 minutes to add Pathmonk and get access to all of this and much more. 


intelligent customer journey

+40% Revenue Growth

Pathmonk’s mission is to accelerate revenue growth from your website. Each step in the journey adapts in real time to provide value to you and your customers. It goes from increasing your conversions, multiplying the interactions and engagement on your website to speed up your lead qualification and acquisition.

An Intelligent Assistant built to create an outstanding customer experience with proven results: +500% ROI, conversions +40% up and reducing the qualification time to almost 0.

revenue growth

Optimal conversion path

Delight your user with an intelligent customer experience tailored to each visitor
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Increase Revenue

Increase your website revenue by 40% in less than 5 minutes with Pathmonk
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Automated User Journeys

Let the Intelligent Assistant do all the work for you, no more manual customer journeys
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The world's #1
Website Buying Experience

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Let your customer be delighted
by a personalized customer experience

If you are ready to delight your website visitors with an outstanding buying experience, Pathmonk is the solution you are looking for. Personalize the customer journey and optimise the consumer decision and path to conversion. With Pathmonk’s Intelligent Assistant this is all done for you, with no changes to your website required and it can be set on your website in 5 minutes.

Pathmonk mission’s is to accelerate revenue growth from your website by creating the definitive customer experience, increasing your conversions by +40% and reducing your qualification time almost to 0.