Create a tribe around your brand | Interview with Jake Marfoglia from Lion’s Spaw Marketing


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In today’s episode we met with Jake Marfoglia from Lion’s Spaw Marketing. Jake shares with us many of the strategic and tactical pieces that his team has leveraged to generate 100k leads. 

The team at Lion’s spaw is focus on generating more high quality leads for their clients and with that increasing the bottom line. Today, we take a deeper look at the key things to take into consideration when ideating, creating and launching a landing page for higher conversionsJake also shares his insights from more than 100 Million impressions and provides a step by step guideline for increasing leads. 

Jake raises a key point by looking at malfunctioning revenue processes that are only focused on sales and neglect to build a true tribe about your product. He outlines how to create a tribe around your brand & product for better long-lasting results…