How Pathmonk helps companies to grow online

Convert your website visitors into customers

Boost website conversion rate

Pathmonk understands the behavior of each visitor and suggests the most relevant next step

Increase student acquisition through AI

A self-learning system to conversion optimization thats drives ROI through Artificial Intelligence

Be a force on mobile & win customers

Over 50% of your customers search on mobile, offer a friction-free mobile experience

See the experience you can offer on your website

All possible with just 30 seconds setup

What are SmartCards?

A visitor always sees the next best SmartCard on your website tailored to their needs

Hold Product knowledge

SmartCards know all details, facts & benefits about your courses, workshops or programs

Powered by intelligent Magic BluePrint

Artificial Intelligence figures out which SmartCard to show to your visitor next to maximise contact data submission

Know User Actions

SmartCards understand the on-site behaviour of your visitors - if they scroll, copy important text or are about to leave

Understand User Journeys

Deciding which course to partake in can be a very long process - SmartCards understand in which step of the journey each visitor is

Here is the performance you could achieve

Source: Pathmonk Internal Data, 1st June 2019 - 05th August 2019
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Average Return on Investment

See a selection of SmartCards ready for your website visitors

Go live in 1 week

The setup is fast and simple across all types of websites. 1 week to get the Pathmonk engines ready and 30 sec to install. Individual adjustments can be made independently at any time - even once SmartCards are live

Easily connect with your current workflow

Easily connect with your preferred email service provider, CRM and more, with our one-click integration

The bottom line: Up to 41% more leads from your existing website traffic