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CUREosity, a multiple international award-winning Med-Tec company, is transforming rehabilitation therapy by developing innovative VR-based therapy applications and games. However, introducing VR therapy to traditional therapy consumers posed a significant challenge.

How can you convince prospects that they are better off for having embraced your new technologies and innovations?

The Challenge: Converting Traditional Therapy Users to VR

CUREosity faced a huge challenge in transitioning traditional therapy users, who were accustomed to manual therapy and exercises, to VR therapy. This conversion required overcoming skepticism and educating prospects about the efficacy and benefits of VR therapy. Many traditional therapy consumers were reluctant to adopt a new therapy method, and that translated directly into a longer buying journey, with fewer results

CUREosity needed to demonstrate that VR therapy could provide a more engaging and effective rehabilitation experience than traditional therapy methods. This type of education needs to be routed in an experience. 

The Solution: Educating and Guiding Consumers

CUREosity partnered with Pathmonk to optimize their customer journey and achieve more clients. Our technology was able to identify visitors’ key decision moments, predict their next most likely action, and deliver tailored interactions based on their knowledge and awareness of CUREosity. 

These experiences guided prospects through the buying journey and increased their knowledge about the service.

  • Personalized interactions based on their knowledge of CUREosity, improving customer experience throughout the website
  • Guided buying journey ensuring they were provided with the right information at the right moment, empowering visitors to make informed decisions.
  • Seamless integration, complementing CUREosity’s existing marketing funnel without additional effort.

The Results: +95% Direct Sales Requests

✅ Implementing Pathmonk’s technology led to a 95% increase in direct sales requests.

✅ There was also a significant increase in consultation bookings, indicating that CUREosity’s visitors had a better understanding of the services being offered.

✅ Pathmonk’s AI capabilities significantly enhanced the customer experience for prospects, making it more intuitive, informative, and engaging.

✅ By increasing direct sales requests and conversion rates, Pathmonk significantly improved CUREosity’s return on investment (ROI) and overall business performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Education is key: Attracting traffic to a website can be a challenge in itself, but ensuring understanding in a new category is critical for creating demand for a service prospects didn’t know they needed
  • Personalization drives engagement: Pathmonk’s tailored interactions based on visitors’ knowledge of CUREosity played a crucial role in driving engagement and conversions. This underscores the value of personalized customer experiences in guiding prospects through the buying journey and empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • CRO for immediate results: This case study underscores the immediate and tangible results attainable through CRO techniques. By leveraging Pathmonk’s expertise, CUREosity witnessed prompt and high-quality marketing outcomes. This underscores the efficacy of directing efforts towards optimizing the existing audience’s journey, rather than solely concentrating on attracting users to the top of the funnel without guiding them towards conversion.

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