Use Digital Campaigning to Bridge the In-Person Sales Gap| Interview with Robert Reinert from ICW


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Some of us may find ourselves sitting down more often than usual. We sit at our desks at home to begin our day of work, then make our way to the dining table for our daily nourishments and then to the couch to relax. With all this sitting we should consider our health and well-being if we plan to do this for the foreseeable future. We have no doubt that ICW could provide the ergonomics we need. They provide elite computer mounts and solutions from the Health Care industry to your office.

With efficient workspace solutions comes an efficient team behind their marketing and sales. The head of marketing, Robert Reinert takes pride in their digital campaigning. If one dedicates time and effort in social media and online advertising the results will reflect clearly in your client acquisitions and lead qualification. In such a niche and competitive market the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. With this in mind, ICW is sure to provide as much detail and information as possible on their landing pages ensuring all possibilities are covered.

With the loss of in-person sales during the pandemic ICW is focusing even more on their digital campaigning in order to bridge that gap. Ultimately, hoping, to increase their conversion rate as they direct potential customers to their informative website.