Engage at the Initial Touchpoint with Simplified and Detailed Brand Messaging | Interview with Law Smith from NES Health


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In the current climate that the world is facing, we are battling a unique challenge and we ultimately have to ensure we take care of our health. With the various hygiene best-practices, many have added steps to improve exercise and diet in order to become their best selves. However, for some, that is just not enough, for others, simply getting out of bed is a challenge. NES Health is here to assist in restoring your energy and targeting your concerns in order to get you back on track. They have developed a BioEnergetiX WellNES System that ‘restores health at all three levels of the human being: our information, our energy, and our physiology. ‘

We chatted to Law Smith, who leads internal marketing at NES Health. Having been there for a short period he is already excited and filled with passion to get this brand exposed. As a marketer, he aims to optimize the brand and he couldn’t help but draw a comparison to NES Health; as they work to optimize your body to the best version of yourself. With simplified and detailed brand messaging Law is determined to capture their potential clients at the first point of contact.

Law has witnessed the powerful importance of a website and he could not stress enough that the value is unsurmountable, as your website functions as a sales representative while you sleep. NES Health’s website is a complete knowledge resource and Law is there to work towards perfecting simplified and detailed brand messaging to capture their audience instantaneously and ultimately prioritize high-quality leads