Tackling & Executing the Buyer’s Journey and Messaging in Web 3.0 | Interview with Justin Ellery from Biconomy

Tackling & Executing the Buyer's Journey and Messaging in Web 3.0 Interview with Justin Ellery from Biconomy


All industries and businesses should have user experience set as a priority. By satisfying customers and providing value you promote growth and increase retention. Helping to improve and simplify the user experience for Web 3 projects is Biconomy; a developer platform that empowers blockchain developers to enable a simplified transaction and onboarding experience. In such a niche industry and new category we were ready to learn more about client acquisition, growth, and its own customer retention from the Senior Product Marketing Manager, Justin Ellery. Justin dives into what it takes to support this type of buyer’s journey and the importance of clear and simplified messaging.

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Growth Marketers in the show focus mostly on one of the three big problems. Increasing the number of leads, reducing the customer acquisition cost, or improving the lead quality – that’s why they are in growth in the first place. Reports from Gartner and real experience from the guests show that >70% of the buying journey is happening online.

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