Get More Sales with a Tailored Visitor Experience

The journey of a user trying to find the right solution can be long. It can take 2-3 weeks or even up to 6 months to complete so you need to create a tailored visitor experience. 

Due to the price point of solutions, products or sources (they are not designed to be “throw away” products) people tend to spend quite a while researching, then they get in touch to make sure that they can trust. Then they deliberate it for some more time before eventually making a final decision. The process can take 2-3 weeks or even up to 6 months to complete.

In the journey of finding the right providers people expect personalization. They require an experience that is going to take into account their context, questions and needs. A recent study run by Evergage showed clearly that personalisation is on the rise. Among some of the many benefits of delivering a tailored visitor experience are increased visitor engagement and increased conversion rates.


Most websites that have some sort of lead generation in place, like forms or popups, so visitors can express interest, make one of two types of mistakes:

  1. They blindly approach the visitor. They offer lead magnets and pop-ups that neglect their actual stage in their research journey. So sales teams usually end up with low quality and unqualified leads from their website from pop ups that appear randomly and without context.
  2. They try to speak to everyone. Many websites are static with generic call-to-actions, which means they are likely to miss the point of the visitors current concern. People want help that’s hyper-relevant to them, a tailored visitor experience, in their current stage of their journey, especially when it’s a high stake decision (like a professional course undoubtedly is).

Pathmonk creates dynamic and personalised call-to-actions for you. A call-to-action designed specifically for the visitors current stage in their journey so that they’re more likely to engage and take action, which means you’ll get more leads.

Tailored Visitor Experience = Personalization 

Personalised experiences across the journey of an online buyer hasn’t yet been easily accessible and not available on static web pages and generic pop-ups.

That has changed now and on top of that you also don’t need a huge amount of web traffic to see clear results. Let’s consider a small private academy that gets around 500-1000 website visitors a month to their website. Each visitor comes with their own set of needs, questions, doubts and desires, searching the website for the right solution. In most cases they are trying to figure out what suits them best. Each of these visitors could turn into a customer, especially if they felt understood, welcomed and at the right place that offers the right solution. So why not do your best to try to speak directly to each visitor?

Really good, really effective personalisation is going to take into account the context of the visitor who is seeking the solution and makes a series of slight adjustments in their experience. To give them the right answers, insights and access to your sales team at the right time.

What’s Your Next Step?

What areas are you looking to improve? Maybe you already have a lot of website visitors for your academy, you just need to increase the amount of calls that you have set up with prospective students? Or maybe you already have a large customer database. Can you upsell or cross-sell? Let Pathmonk help you create a tailored visitor experience.

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