Industry Spotlight: Growth Marketing in the Wholesale Electronics Space | Interview with Joshua Nzewi from Eze

Industry Spotlight Growth Marketing in the Wholesale Electronics Space Interview with Joshua Nzewi from Eze


We are solely reliant on technology. From the laptops that allow us to work remotely to the cell phones that keep us connected, we can no longer live without technology. But these purchases can cost dollars, so if we rely on them where can businesses go for affordable options? Eze is a B2B wholesale marketplace for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronics. Streamlining the process and offering both wholesale prices and secondhand devices. The CEO and Co-founder, Joshua Nzewi dives into the 2 verticals they serve and their growth marketing efforts to reach these audiences. Having set a platform for wholesalers to find their customers, Joshua is ready to drive more awareness to their corporate vertical; to ensure they are seen as the number one solution for all a business’s technological needs.

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