Have You Considered a Lead-Nurturing Marketing Funnel? | Interview with Jesse Tevelow from LaunchTeam


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Have you been blessed with an ingenious idea that you feel confident enough to pursue? Are you inspired to bring something unique and exciting to this world? Are you ready to take the next step in your journey of growth? One thing may be stopping you; what’s the next step? LaunchTeam are the experts in driving growth and launching your projects.

Their team is inspired by the core of their clients and what drives them. With a tailored and unique platform that is adaptable to any workflow and any business, or person, you are in safe hands, that are willing to guide and nurture the process. Speaking to Jesse Trevlow, the founder, he is focused on the community. With a lead-nurturing marketing funnel, Jesse and the team take the time to develop strong relationships with their networks and prospects.

As they focus largely on building credibility through third-party validation their website does not play a large role in client acquisition, yet they are sure to qualify the lead with qualifying forms and a simple client journey. With their focus on the community, they find the most value in a lead-nurturing marketing funnel. Ready? Set? Launch!