How A.I. Can Increase your Net Profit I Interview with Alan Timothy from Bubo


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Although new to the industry, they are soaring high and proud as their logo so aptly represents., like the great mythological owl, sends important messages to their masters. Their messages are for the pricing world of wholesale distribution. From food production to lingerie companies they use artificial intelligence and the cloud to increase your net profit by 10%. As owls are wise and beyond their years so too is They are the perfect representation of business intelligence.

Alan Timothy has noticed some caution and hesitation. Perhaps you are skeptical too; they find most of their traditional clients are. However, they never fail to impress and show the value of their technology and product. They will offer a free data discovery with minimal effort from your side just to prove it, just like we provide demos and consultations. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to increase your pricing and make that money!

We couldn’t help but notice a similarity between’s efforts and our own. They have noticed a gap in the market that the industry has not. They, like us, are working to solve it and simplify the problem. This often results in mind-blowing satisfaction and impressive growth in net profit. So we have a simple question: What are you waiting for?