How Can Local Businesses Adapt to the Pandemic? | Interview with Charlie Aldis from MavenIT


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As a managed service provider MavenIT is a one-stop-shop for all your technology needs. They offer their services to those who may lack the resources in the technology department, from managing your IT systems to managing your phones. MavenIT has found a gap in the market as Franchises are often overwhelmed and chaotic in the first 90 days of setup. If you are a local business this may be appealing as they will take the technology side of the project plan completely out of your hands, while you focus on setting up your business. Sounds like a great solution right? And one to surely lower those stress levels.

For some, like me technology can be daunting, however, it is unavoidable. MavenIT will provide you with unlimited and free phone support ready to solve your problems, no matter how small. With the pandemic hanging over our heads local businesses can take advantage of their websites. MavenIT is working to improve its SEO channels as its goal is to be discovered and generate more leads through their landing pages.

Charlie Aldis, the founder makes a great point; if you focus on it, it will grow. As local businesses adapt to the pandemic you can provide more online services and increase online client acquisition. Why not combine the advantages of MavenIT’s technology services, and Pathmonk’s automated lead and revenue generation extension?