Leverage and Encourage User Feedback to Offer the Best Value | Interview with Indre Kaikare from JobRely


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A common phrase heard with the rapid speed technology is growing is; get with the times. As we adapt and embrace the modern ways within our businesses, perhaps we didn’t realize that traditional recruitment is no longer feasible. JobRely recognized this and they have jumped quickly ahead to providing a tool and services in order to offer established startups with employees, investors, and clients.

Indre Kaikare has been very involved in hiring-manager and recruiter roles, noticing that there was room to provide more efficiency and consequently be more cost-effective. JobRely stands out with its’ competitive pricing and exceptional success with recruitment. Indre has appreciated hearing from customers and she aims to leverage and encourage user feedback more, in order to adapt their marketing content and increase conversions.

With a modern approach to hiring the JobRely website is functioning as a form of education. In order to compete with the traditional recruiters, they are sure to showcase their value. We were impressed with their achievements and couldn’t help express our interest. With the ability to listen it is simple to leverage and encourage user feedback, ultimately optimizing your website and generating highly-qualified leads.