Leverage Experts’ Knowledge at the Initial Buying Stage | Interview with Tessa Gunn from Obzervr


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Imagine you’re working in Antarctica, a remote and isolated destination. There is limited signal and limited forms of communication. How do you make contact? How do you maintain and collect your data in an efficient and simple way? So many questions, yet with an obvious answer; Obzervr. Obzervr is your personal digital assistant for every frontline field worker in any environment.

Obzervr unifies all the aspects of fieldwork into one easy-to-use mobile application in order to streamline workflows. Their biggest focus at the moment is the safety of those workers with the added benefit of eliminating paper-based data collection inefficiencies. Save paper, save money and transform. We spoke to Tessa Gunn who is passionate about her work as the marketing coordinator. As she is new to the company, their marketing strategy is still young and developing. They are, however, sure to leverage experts’ knowledge to showcase and promote education on their website.

As a word of mouth strategy is effective it is equally frustrating, with no ability to control or measure it. Tessa and the team are sure to align their focus to evolving the website and ensuring that it works in conjunction with their social content, ultimately gaining more leads. Their strength is guaranteeing that those in the initial buying stage receive high-quality information as Obzervr is sure to leverage experts’ knowledge in their blog posts and digital content.