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The goal of Pathmonk Intelligence is to analyze the growth opportunities and buying journey on your website in order to generate suggestions on how to improve and get better results.

The truth is, it’s often hard to tell why your site doesn’t bring the expected results and how to change that. We all know that there is no shortage of metrics. Your website analytics tool provides you with hundreds of different reports and metrics. However, many people struggle with that complexity. It becomes too difficult to understand, to get true value from all this data and actionable insights. 

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Pathmonk Metrics immediately tells you what you need to know and how to fix it rather than just presenting you with raw data. Our core mission is to break down the barriers to make data-driven decisions from the website simple:

What is the Challenge With Website Analytics?

Marketers with varying sizes of website traffic want to use data to drive their decisions. Yet, many teams are struggling with the metrics that are made available by their website analytics tool, causing them to fall behind. This is largely due to the commonly held conception that analytics tools are too complicated. Quickly finding actionable answers is a daunting task. 

The goal of any website analytics setup is to analyze the performance of a website in order to assess what the business is doing well and where there is room for improvement.

After more than 400+ conversations with B2B marketers, we came to the surprising finding that there is a very high number of marketers that find their website analytics tool unnecessarily complex. This complexity results in small challenges that accumulate and severely impact the effectiveness of website optimization. We’ve noted that it takes marketers unnecessarily long to answer basic questions, such as page views, website conversion, conversion rate per traffic source, etc.

Many Website Analytics Tools are Unnecessarily Complex

There is a plethora of user behavior and website analytics tools. Google Analytics is the most popular of them all with 85% of all websites using it. You can find an increasing number of threads on Quora and other discussion forums as to why Google Analytics has become so hard to use. Obviously, there will always be expert users that have a different view. Our conversations with marketers have clearly shown that many marketers think differently when it comes to their busy day-to-day work, often resulting in them disliking this unnecessarily complex website analytics tool.

It captures a bunch of data and you really need to be some kind of web analytic expert to use it

(Quora User)

A key challenge is that you can’t customize Google Analytics without expert knowledge. The reality is that you will have to wade through a haystack of menus and irrelevant data to find the needle that gives you actionable insights. It is not always obvious what data you should or shouldn’t be focusing on.

Therefore, website owners tend to find themselves in the position of having more data than they may need. They lose time discussing, analyzing, and potentially missing the insights that could move the needle towards impactful data. 

“I spent hours trying to figure out some of the referral sources, google analytics have the data 🙂 it just requires 15 clicks to get the full path so I can see what works best for us – must be an easier way :-)”

 (Indiehacker user)

The true value of website analytics is not in having the metrics tracked  — but in having the knowledge to make smart decisions with the data gathered from these tools.

Perhaps you can try. Let’s see how quickly can you answer the following questions:

  1. What combinations of channels should I spend my marketing budget on, at the moment for the maximum website conversion rate? 
  2. Where should we prioritize the improvements on our website? What is the expected return on that investment? 
  3. How do my customers segment by the stage in their Buying Journey? How many are just aware of what you do? How many are seriously considering it? How many are on the cusp to make a decision? 

There is simply too much breadth of knowledge and thought required to effectively work in the world of current website analytics tools to get to actionable insight, without heavy lifting.

What is Buying Journey Analysis?

The Buying Journey is the process that buyers go through to become aware of, consider, and decide to purchase your product or service. Buyers can gain nearly all the information they need independently on your site and through other online sources. So it’s no surprise that almost 70% of buyers’ journeys are done independently online and potential buyers have already completed 67% of their decision-making process before they talk to someone from your team.

HubSpot coined the term Buying Journey and outlined a simple yet effective separation of the 3 buying journey stages:

  • Stage 1 The Awareness stage: After a buyer realizes they have a problem or pain point they are eager to find a solution and begin discovering their options.
  • Stage 2 The Consideration stage: Buyers have defined their goal and are committed to addressing it. They evaluate the specific offering and start to become willing to engage with businesses.
  • Stage 3 Decision Stage: Buyers have already decided on a solution category. They have a profound understanding of specific offerings and need to decide on the one that best meets their needs. 

So, the question that marketers have to ask themself is: How can I understand and optimize the Buying journey on our website, without spending hours digging through complex reports?

Pathmonk Intelligence is a Simple Tool to get Actionable Insights

The purpose of Pathmonk Intelligence is to analyze growth opportunities and buying journeys on your website in order to generate suggestions on how to improve and get better results from your website. Pathmonk Metrics focuses on your website Buying Journey, generating data that is impossible to get for Lead Gen Marketers with Google Analytics or any other tool.

Pathmonk Metrics analyses each step that visitors take in their buying journey on your website (every click, every scroll, every tab change, every revisit, etc,). Our tool knows where people are in the Buying Journey and how far they are from making a decision, thanks to Pathmonk’s AI.

Without having to set up any trigger events, reading into heatmap results, or watching countless user session videos, it tells you what you need to know to improve the Buying Journey on your website. It literally provides hands-on suggestions that tackle the specific bottlenecks on your website.

Pathmonk Intelligence cuts away all the clutter you find in Google Analytics and gives you actionable insights into your site and the website buying journey, saving you time and removing any frustration.

There are 4 simple tabs, each of them with a very clear focus. They are there to maximize the number of actionable insights you can gain, without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Website Buying Journey Score
  2. Actionable Changes Suggestions
  3. Conversion Report
  4. Source Analysis

With Pathmonk Metrics, you get all the data and actionable change suggestions at a glance so you can focus on creating a better Buying Journey for your visitors.

  1. Fast setup: Set up in < 5 minutes

Pathmonk Metrics allows you to be fully independent of any developer. It’s simple to set up, in less than 5 minutes, with accurate measurements of how each traffic channel is converting, telling you exactly what to do to improve

  1. Fast learning curve: 4 tabs & immediately under control

Once set up, Pathmonk Intelligence gives you access to everything happening on your website. The buying journey of each visitor is tracked automatically. You simply insert our JavaScript snippet into the page and the path to insights begins. 

  1. Fast loading: Analytics that keep your site speed fast

Pretty much every analytics tool out there has a performance impact on the website and therefore slows down page speed. Pathmonk Metrics is a lightweight analysis tool that doesn’t slow down your website. The script loads asynchronously which has the advantage of not slowing the page down.

  1. Fast insights: Benefit from Pathmonk’s AI immediately

As you read this, Pathmonk’s AI is already learning from countless lead gen pages. SO once you plug it into your page you will immediately benefit from the AI suggestions without having to crunch numbers for countless hours to get to insights.

Request Free Access and Try Pathmonk Intelligence Now!

Pathmonk Metrics is a simple, time-saving metrics tool that goes beyond the standard insights by identifying the health of the buying journey on your website. It provides you with actionable suggestions so you can address the hidden bottlenecks on your site. 

You don’t need to remove your current analytics provider but rather use Pathmonk Metrics alongside your other tools, see where you get the most actionable and impactful insights. Pathmonk Metrics is currently in beta, you spotted it early,  request free access here.

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Pathmonk Intelligence analyses the growth opportunities & user journey on your website, then generates suggestions on how to improve.