Take Advantage of a Modern Buying Experience | Interview with Pierre Calzadilla from Local Logic


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As a recent participant in the hunt for a new home, I am rawly aware of the stress and pressure to find a safe and comfortable place. Trying to decide on the perfect location and understand what it means to live there after a short visit is often unresolved. Local Logic uses unique data sets to quantify the sense of place. They are a location intelligence platform providing services to real estate agencies and developers. Although they had a unique introduction to this landscape and have very organic growth, they take advantage of a modern buying experience on their website.

With a one-click option to add their core product to your page. It is simple, easy, and instant, providing quick results from a 36% increase in conversions. Sounds familiar? Well, Pathmonk sets the same standards.  Ultimately they have enhanced data that increases conversions.

They have perfected a modern buying experience but are looking to the future as they rethink their brand and develop the back-end in order to optimize the user journey and qualify leads. There is always work to be done, especially as a start-up, however, Mary Poppins says: ‘In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun’. Pierre Calzadilla, the VP of Local Logic, is aiming to showcase all the needs of their potential clients and webpage visitors, being sure to showcase their beautiful product.