The Ins and Outs of A Customer Marketing Role | Interview with Shannon Howard from PeopleGrove

The Ins and Outs of A Customer Marketing Role Interview with Shannon Howard from PeopleGrove


As marketers, we’re always on the hunt for more customers, more conversions. But after we get those customers how do we continue to retain and nurture those customers; to leverage the relationship for advocacy and further customer insights? Shannon Howard, customer marketing manager at PeopleGrove dives into her unique role and what it means for PeopleGrove’s future growth. PeopleGrove is a career access platform that serves students and alumni at higher education facilities with the goal of ensuring that every learner has access to the people and networks needed to succeed. Shannon explores their website navigation with us and dives into what it takes to serve and reach both their B2B customers and end users. Through her role in customer marketing, Shannon focuses on distributing educational content while gathering customer insights to inform presale buying journeys.

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