3 Pillars to Successful Demand & Lead Generation | Interview with Annika Björkholm from Swipe Guide


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The excitement of receiving a new household appliance at your door is knowing you’ve truly hit adulthood. You are enjoying those little moments in life when you purchase a new fridge or washing machine. However, sometimes the enjoyment is crushed by the overwhelming and unnecessarily large manual book. It was from this challenge that Swipe Guide was born.

Swipe Guide took the concept of digitizing manuals to another level as their software digitizes work instructions and standard operating procedures for manufacturers. The manufacturing world moves fast, time is money. With this digitization, their clients see operational efficiency. Annika Björkholm, head of marketing has provided detailed insights into their 3 pillars of Successful Demand & Lead Generation.

From their inbound engine to their outbound growth to their industry recognition the business has continued to expand with continuously happy customers. As their marketing, sales, and customer success teams collaborate efficiently, lead generation is successful. With the goal to be inspirational and interactive on their website, Annika looks to ensure their website is equally efficient in lead generation and conversions. Listen for actionable tips and advice.