3 Pillars to the Ultimate Conversion Funnel | Interview with Greg Allum from Fuzzy


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A common question to ask in order to really get to know the core of someone, is: ‘Are you a cat or dog person?’. In the case of Fuzzy, the pet parent company, it doesn’t matter, as they will befriend you no matter the answer. Owning pets is a wonderful and fulfilling part of life, yet it comes with great responsibility and care. To help you in this journey is Fuzzy; there to offer advice and empower pet owners in order to enrich those precious animals’ lives.

We spoke to Greg Allum, heading marketing and growth, who offered excellent insight into their business growth strategies. So excellent we couldn’t stop listening. As the company grows and expands, they have worked to diversify their media acquisition channels in order to reach as many people in this category. The goal is to use the data that is collected, in a purposeful way so as to benefit and personalize the user experience, towards understanding where they are in the conversion funnel.

With the objective to reach the audience on mass and generate an optimal acquisition channel, Greg discusses the 3 pillars to produce the ultimate conversion funnel, or, as they call it; ‘Delightful Journeys’.  With the rebranding and new energy, Fuzzy will have a tailored, frictionless, and rewarding experience. Listen in, to learn more!