6 Reasons Why You Need a Carbon Neutral Website

6 Reasons Why You Need a Carbon Neutral Website In Article
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Is your company evaluating the impact they have on the environment? Did you know your website had a carbon footprint? A carbon neutral website may be the best place to start in your journey to corporate sustainability.

But, What Is A Carbon Neutral Website?

A carbon neutral website is a website that offsets the carbon it emits. By partnering with climate projects that compensate for the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere you can actively contribute to a better global climate. This means that you are sure the same amount of carbon your website emits is the same amount that is being absorbed, balancing out the total amount of carbon emissions.

Automatically Make Your Website Carbon Neutral

Pathmonk Climate automatically offsets your emissions through high-quality climate projects, while analyzing and calculating your website’s carbon footprint. Showcase your climate actions with your zero-emission website certificate.

Pathmonk-Climate - Carbon offset certification

From individuals to companies, people are becoming more aware of the impact of climate change, and are really considering what it means to become carbon neutral. As we have progressed to a more digital lifestyle, we would assume we’re having a positive impact on the environment. Unfortunately, not quite. Sure, we reduced the production of physical media, as online streaming services became our sole source of entertainment. We’ve even saved paper; with digital books, online newspapers, and live news. However, all of this requires data.

The Web & Climate Change

As we work to drive awareness and convert more customers through our websites and top-performing buying journeys, we’re expecting and demanding that our prospects and customers navigate and search the web. From the carbon footprint of our connected devices to the internet, to the data centers, to the transmission networks, they all account for 2% of global greenhouse emissions, with data centers accounting for 3% of the global electricity supply and consuming more power than the entire UK. The more complex a website, the more energy it requires to load; the greater the environmental impact.

Being active online and simply sending an email can seem pretty innocent, but as the demand for more data, resources, and digital connection increases, the more dangerous the web becomes for our planet. There are even ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our emails with Mailjet’s best practices

Why Do You Need A Carbon Neutral Website?

Data centers are polluting as much as the world’s airline industry, and although measuring the carbon footprint of the web isn’t an exact science, we can expect the damage of this new form of pollution to continue to rise.  The average website produces 6.8 grams of CO2 per page view. Therefore, a website with 10,000 page views per month would produce 816kg of CO2 per year.

When we consider what it takes to complete a simple website visit; from the energy required on the end user’s device, the communication networks, the data centers where a website is hosted, and the storage of the data, we can see that the resources that are needed to accomplish this, quickly start to add up. As we all face climate change, we can take a small step that makes a big impact and create a carbon neutral website.

1. Do Your Part For Climate Change

We can collectively reduce our digital carbon footprints by creating sustainable websites.  From simplifying and optimizing your website to compressing your files and choosing green hosts, we have a responsibility to do our part. By offsetting your carbon emissions and producing a  carbon neutral website, you can start your sustainability journey; showing your commitment to the future, and responsibly tackling the urgency of climate change.

2. Customers Prefer A Carbon Neutral Website

A carbon neutral website allows you to show your commitment to climate protection – something consumers are prioritizing when choosing brands. Customers are demanding more from brands; they look beyond the quality of products and services and start to prioritize brand values. As the world faces climate change, consumers take on the responsibility of choice; choosing businesses and brands that equally prioritize climate change. 

Showcasing a carbon neutral website and highlighting your efforts to go green can directly influence buying decisions. As we embrace an ever-changing buying dynamic, companies that are willing to adapt are those that survive. The number of consumers that care about the environmental impact of a brand is growing. Not only will a carbon neutral website help you attract customers, but it is also going to gain you a competitive advantage. You can use statistics and data to help motivate your reasons and strategies for carbon neutrality and green marketing

3. Create Employee Advocates With Your Carbon Neutral Website

As customers and consumers shift their mindsets when it comes to choosing brands, so do employees. Not only are employees seeking work-life balance, but they are equally seeking companies they can be proud to work for in a changing climate. Environmentally-concerned employees are seeking meaningful work that has a positive social impact. 

70% of people are more likely to work for a company with sustainability commitments and ambitions towards a greener footprint. With your carbon neutral website, you can showcase your commitment to sustainability and begin the journey to forging more powerful employee relationships. Employees can be our most powerful advocates. By ensuring that your values align, you create an environment for them to proudly promote your business.

4. Carbon Neutrality is Good for Business

Drawing consumers in with your sustainable brand and carbon neutral website, must be good for business, right? Well yes! Many businesses debate whether sustainability compromises or improves financial results. However, companies that diligently manage climate change, and work towards sustainable business, are able to gain an 18% higher return on investment than businesses that did not. There is much more to be done in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, however, a carbon neutral website is a great way to ignite your ambitions toward a greener web and a greener planet. 

Offsetting your carbon footprint is the first step towards a carbon neutral website. However, the more you understand about the environmental impact of your website, the more you’ll want to do to reduce your carbon emissions. With the steps you can take to reduce your website’s carbon footprint, you’ll notice that you may just be saving money. For example, you may reduce your website’s animations or compress images; creating a lighter website. That ultimately means less data storage and a reduction in your costs. Good for business, and good for the environment.

5. Future-Proofing Your Business

The environmental impact of the web is still an emerging topic, one that has yet to be seriously addressed as a concern. But as the climate crisis becomes a global priority it is only a matter of time until climate-focused regulators make it essential for businesses to manage and demonstrate their due diligence on environmental impact and showcase their sustainability efforts. By developing a carbon neutral website and taking steps toward this global mission, you can ensure your brand can adapt to what is required in the fight against climate change while maintaining a good reputation to those who care.

6. Get Investors’ Attention With Your Carbon Neutral Website

Customers and employees expect more sustainable actions from the brands they want to support. The same is true for investors. They want to invest in future-proofed and innovative businesses that are adapting to what the market demands, and ultimately, what the planet needs. 

Thinking and acting on an environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) business model has become a critical factor in investors’ minds. There has been a 68% rise in ESG-Orientated investing, since 2014, as the social, governmental, and consumer attention shifts to the environmental and social impacts of corporations. With your carbon neutral website, you can showcase your commitment to climate change and attract investors who care, ensuring your values align and you secure the growth of a sustainable business together. 

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A Small Step For A Big Impact

We love journeys; buying journeys to be more specific. We understand that every journey has small milestones that ultimately get you closer to the bigger picture. Starting your sustainable journey with a climate neutral website is only the beginning; tackling climate action with every click. Pathmonk wants to help you clean the carbon footprint of your website.

How To Start Your Carbon Neutral Website Journey

Pathmonk Climate automatically offsets your emissions through high-quality climate projects, while analyzing your website’s carbon footprint. You can calculate your website’s CO2 emissions and receive a customized website-emission report. By offsetting your emissions through our climate projects you can get certified; showcasing your actions against climate change and ultimately encouraging others to do the same. A carbon neutral website is both socially and financially beneficial, ensuring that your actions, however small, have a profound impact.

Automatically Make Your Website Carbon Neutral

Pathmonk Climate automatically offsets your emissions through high-quality climate projects, while analyzing and calculating your website’s carbon footprint. Showcase your climate actions with your zero-emission website certificate.

Pathmonk-Climate - Carbon offset certification