Offer a Transparent Funnel that is Effortless and Brief | Interview with Kimberly Gandy from Play it Health


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More than ever our health is a priority. As we collectively work to navigate this pandemic we have adjusted our everyday activities. Going to the doctor for a simple check-up, no longer seems so straightforward. Play it Health is a digital health company that provides a virtual-care experience. Their remote patient monitoring solution can be integrated into a host of practice environments. With dependable revenue and continuity of care in changing times, the result is happy patients and a happy practice.

We spoke to the CEO, Kimberly Gandy, who is a physician and scientist with 25 years of experience in healthcare. As we like to speak about the behind-the-scenes operations of any business we were keen to get insights from Kimberly. Their website, like many, plays a vital role in showcasing information and it is a dominating lead channel as many users eventually find their way to their informative webpage. Kimberly is working towards a transparent funnel that offers an undemanding user experience leading prospects to convert

As their sales and marketing team is coherent in their vision, their website projects valuable content that they hope to continuously generate as they are on the hunt for new talent to grow and scale. By offering the right content and attracting prospects to these resources they can further encourage them down a transparent funnel on their way to their best health.