Aim to Simplify the Sales Cycle and Call to Action | Interview with Manny Larcher from Stopwatch Creative


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With any business, marketing and advertising are key elements to exposure and client acquisition. Naturally, Google Ads and social media are the go-to-solution. However, they do not always offer the best results and perhaps something more tailored and customizable to your business is all you need to get a head start. Stopwatch Creative assists in establishing your marketing set up. As a boutique marketing and advertising agency, they aim to deliver better value and they truly care about all their clients, offering a wide range of services.

As an advertising and marketing agency, they have gained clients through various press releases and the good ol’ tradition; word of mouth. As clients share their experiences Stopwatch Creative takes time to appreciate all forms of recognition. Their website is everything as they aim to simplify the sales cycle, ultimately simplifying the call to action. This being done with the ultimate goal in mind; optimize for higher conversions.

Their strength comes in simplicity as they represent their company and services clearly and with full transparency. Coco Chanel said ‘Simplicity is the final achievement’ and in Stopwatch Creative’s case this is their ultimate goal as they work on and continue to develop their website in order to simplify the sales cycle and provide an intelligent customer journey.