Align and Adjust Marketing Material to the Customer’s Persona| Interview with Lindsey Nelson from Huckabuy


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If anyone loves a streamlined and optimized website it would be us at Pathmonk. We’re almost convinced that no one uses the word ‘optimization’ and its’ variants as much as we do. However, we may have met our match in Huckabuy. Huckabuy offers a software approach to your SEO challenges. With the goal to improve search results, drive more organic traffic, and ultimately increase the speed of your website.

We spoke to Lindsey Nelson, the content creator, who is naturally focused on the content of the website. She is working to align and adjust marketing materials and messaging to target customer’s pain points and increase their all-important traffic. Of course, Huckabuy’s website is operating at a high standard in order to showcase their capabilities and what they can achieve for you.

A website is essential in the world of business operations, however, not everyone is able to achieve a website’s full potential. Huckaby is on standby to automate and assist. With extensive content, information, and resources already available on their website they have even more to provide. They are eager to align and adjust marketing content to their audience and increase the lead qualification as their business grows. We can’t wait to watch them bloom in the website optimization world.