Are Your Micro-Moments Appropriate and Functional? | Interview with Tom Lynam from Arkivum


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How many of us have USB sticks or external hard drives lying around the house? Do you even remember what is stored there? How valuable is the data you are storing? With technology developing quickly we have to consider if those valuable documents can withstand the test of time. Arkivum preserves those digital assets and ensures that they are secure, accessible, and compliant for your future self. With their automated solution, Arkivum guarantees long-term integrity and usability.

We spoke to the marketing director, Tom Lynam, who is focused on continuously developing and improving their website to expose the brand and offer high-end content. With a content-driven approach, it is imperative that the language, messaging, and conversations are adapted for each buyer-persona. As their website is their primary channel for lead generation Tom is working to perfect the foundation and ensure that those micro-moments are appropriate and functional to the visitors.

At Pathmonk, we can’t express the value of applicable pop-ups and calls to action. To ensure those micro-moments suit the visitor on the page can promote further appropriate engagement to encourage high-quality lead generation. Tom is further developing the messaging to tell their story from the customer’s perspective to speedily solve their problem. With the goal to continue to optimize the website, expose the brand, and acquire leads with fitting micro-moments listen in for more insights.