Automate the Buyer Journey to Acquire Quality Leads | Interview with Danny Peters from milkymap


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As a child, the idea of a treasure map and potentially finding a reward at the end of our journey was completely captivating. We have somehow adapted this idea in our adulthood to the journey we take on websites. Perhaps less childlike but a necessity in offering your potential customers what they need. Intelligent journey mapping is an opportunity to analyze your customers and adjust your features according ultimately leading to high-quality leads and higher conversion rates. Rather than a yummy treat or present at the end, they will instead find exactly what they are looking for and it will satisfy them in a completely different way.

Milkymap is an saas software ready to assist you in analyzing and visualizing all the data from a customer journey. Their unique platform offers the opportunity to align the various journeys as they come together in one data component. Not only are they working to create a good-looking experience but one that functions with the ultimate goal of building a business that is loved by both customers and employees. They now turn their focus to their own maps and aim to automate the buyer journey for themselves.

Although they are experts in their field they are working on their own development for the customer journey of potential enterprises. As an individual customer, the journey is simple and automated. Danny Peters, the CEO, is hoping to automate the buyer journey for enterprises in order to acquire all-important quality leads. This will be his treasure at the end of the journey.