Better Qualify Audience Intention with an Optimized Website | Interview with Colton Griffin from Flourish


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We have been privileged to have some excellent supply chain management software companies on our podcast to learn from their experiences and insights. However, today Flourish offers us some perspective on their niche software that supports the cannabis and hemp supply chain industry. Their software that seamlessly integrates with other tools assists you with manufacturing, distribution, and retail. proving expert reporting, saving you time.

Colton Griffin, the CEO, and his team were quick to be a part of this expanding vertical. As they helped their loyal customers flourish they began to grow in their own success. Colton took every advantage of the inbound methodologies and tools out there that they have perfected their inbound strategies. With the investments in marketing and sales, they have found organic growth and great success in leading prospects through the funnel. However, Colton is eager to upgrade and qualify audience intention.

While the industry is growing it is important to remain ahead of the curve and Colton hopes to do that with further optimization. With some of our marketing funnels, we may note the genericness of our lead qualification. As the analysis of our audiences becomes increasingly in-depth we, like Colton, should begin to qualify audience intention and categorize their potential to become a lead.