Build Trust with More Social Proof & Case Studies | Interview with John Timmerman from Good Monster


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With budgets expanding for all things marketing perhaps there is an opportunity to be equally successful and exposed with more cost-efficiency. Good Monster is your partner in marketing strategies and optimization. With a global team of experts, they are able to be more cost-effective for your needs. With a focus on the manufacturing industry with retail distribution, the team at Good Monster is the perfect strategic partner to help you be more vertically integrated and go directly to your consumers.

We had the serial entrepreneur and CEO of Good Monster, John Timmerman on our podcast. In their own marketing growth, they have actively searched for and qualified their ideal customers, targeting those head first. As they begin to expand internationally their website is no longer taking a back seat as they experiment with value messaging and are determined to build trust.

The proof is often in the pudding and John is ensuring that social proof, case studies, and incentivizing imagery are at the forefront of their website. To build trust and continue their growth John and the team will continue to perform for their current clients, acting in their best interest while leveraging those stories for further expansion.