Building a Win-Win-Win Targeted Client Relationship | Interview with Hamlet Azarian from


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Connecting to the right market is essential to developing high-quality leads to generating the right business and client relationship. In the marketing world, it is a fight to be visible and stand out amongst the crowd as you shout and wave to catch your audiences’ attention. As we work to link to the right personas’s discovery bot can help you to discover the right influencers to increase your SEO rank. While your integrated ai-bot is processing and providing you with the best data your team can focus on a high-performing site with powerful content.

Speaking to Hamlet Azarian, the founder, we were not surprised to hear that they naturally use their own tool to target their three core personas. As they continue to develop more content and ensure direct digital marketing, they grow equally with their person-driven marketing approach. By connecting with people in the industry and connecting to the right people they develop a win-win-win client relationship that is highly targeted.

The client relationship strengthens, the client’s business is more exposed, and continues to grow. Hamlet while growing the business through relationships is equally drawing his focus to building lead magnets on their website. With infographics, open-sourced material, and blogs, Hamlet is continuously exposing this brand with intent-based content.