Building Visitors’ Trust to Boost & Encourage eCommerce Sales | Interview with Matteo Franceschetti from Eight Sleep


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Sleep is a part of being human. It is essential to our wellbeing, yet some seem to attribute less attention to it in the same way we dedicate time to diets, exercise, and watching TV. Eight Sleep has combined technology with sleep to enhance our everyday performance. With temperature control, health tracking, and wakeup technology Eight Sleep is getting their customers more sleep fit.

Matteo Franceschetti, co-founder and CEO is passionate about helping people get high-quality sleep, giving people energy and confidence to take on the day. As clients describe the technology as ‘my little slice of heaven’ and ‘the best investment I’ve ever made’ word of mouth and referrals is key to their eCommerce sales and customer growth.

As this is such high-end technology focused on the betterment of our health, it is a true investment. Matteo, therefore, wants to build trust for their website visitors by incorporating converting touchpoints. Not only does Matteo keep his clients’ comfort in mind when they sleep but also their comfort while navigating their website. He wants his users to feel comfort and trust in order to encourage those eCommerce sales. Have a listen and then maybe take a nap? Goodnight, sweetheart. Sleep tight.