Boost E-commerce Sales with Artificial Intelligence​

Boost E-commerce Sales with Artificial Intelligence​

Pathmonk understands the behavior of each visitor on your website and serves the most relevant next step to inspire E-commerce sales

Faster & better results than heatmaps or A/B tests
all within one Web Assistant

Lower Card Abandonment

Let Artificial Intelligence do the work for you to increase E-commerce sales

More Conversions

Encourage purchases with
contextual notifications & coupons

Higher Mobile Sales

Improve your mobile E-commerce results without having to change your website

Reduce cart abandonment

>80% of E-commerce visitors leave without completing a purchase. Pathmonk helps you to persuade visitors to complete their purchase before they leave 


Improve conversions
with contextual coupons

Visitors viewing the product on your site are expressing an intent to buy. Timely coupons can persuade them to make a purchase

Turn mobile visitors
into buyers

Easily increase E-commerce revenue from mobile without coding or involving IT to optimize the mobile webpage


Easily works with
your current website

Set Pathmonk up on your E-commerce website of choice to drive sales

See how Pathmonk accelerates
your E-commerce sales