Capturing the Right Audience at the Right Time in the Right Place | Interview with Divyaprasad Pande from Deck7

Capturing the Right Audience at the Right Time in the Right Place Interview with Divyaprasad Pande from Deck7


Nothing feels better than being right. So rewarding and satisfying as the slightly arrogant side of your personality congratulates yourself. For marketers, there’s a slightly more rewarding feeling when they’ve worked attentively; reaching the right audience, increasing lead generation, and improving customer experience. Reaching that audience is greatly impacted by the experience you create for them, offering the appropriate experience at the right time and place.

Helping marketers succeed with their brand awareness and lead generation campaigns is Deck7. Companies rely on Deck7 for lead acquisition at scale. With over 7 years of digital marketing experience the Senior Manager of search marketing, Divyaprasad Pande, joined us today. As they work to capture the right audience for their clients it’s important to do the same for themselves.

With user experience as a core focus for Divyaprasad, he aims to improve audience interactions and understand user behavior. Companies have more opportunities than ever to understand their buyers, but it comes with the responsibility to use it wisely, thoughtfully identify audiences, and communicate with them in personalized ways. It’s no longer just about marketing to the right audience but rather communicating with them.

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