Offer Clear Landing Pages for Different Buyer Personas | Interview with Joe Watson from Voxburner


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It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Millennial and Gen Z generation have lacked popularity. They are often the target of jokes all over social media. However, they are the next generation and as a business, you can’t help but need them as your customers. As it has been noted this demographic may require a unique and different marketing strategy. If you are unsure where to start then Voxburner is your one-stop-shop consultant to equip you with insights, thought-leadership, brand consulting, and bespoke research.

Joe Watson, who heads up the partnerships and mediaships, is proud that the business always provides ‘the cherry on top’. In order for you to gain exposure and generate leads, Voxburner will deliver and do more. As they share their knowledge of a specific demographic with you they need to ensure their own lead generation. With a wide variety of clients and content on their website, they have to provide optimal clarity in order to target different buyer personas.

Content is like royalty on Voxburner’s website. They are providing the right content and enticing the different buyer personas with their landing pages but they now need to convert this traffic. As events gain growth online they hope to turn their focus to convert traffic to leads with optimization tools. Pathmonk is always here when you need us, just saying.