High conversions
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Get +40% conversions with Pathmonk’s Intelligent Assistant for websites

High conversions
in a few minutes​

40% more conversions in any website

Reach high conversions

Get the results of a high conversion landing page just adding Pathmonk to your website

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In your website

No new landing page or page creation needed, just use your current website


Improve your website without changing it. Installing Pathmonk takes less than 5 minutes

To get a high conversion landing page

Add Pathmonk to your website in 5 min

Direct path to conversion

Let Pathmonk and its Artificial Intelligence do the work for you to find the most direct and optimal path for conversion. Pathmonk nurtures your visitors with your key value proposition, like a 24h sales rep. 

Your conversion forms are now accessible from all the pages of your website, optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. Access +40% more conversion in a few minutes.

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Reduce bounce rate

To engage with your users, you want them to stay on your page and understand your value proposition. Pathmonk increases the interactions of the users on your website by +250%.

Deliver an outstanding customer experience, increase the time on page, improve SEO, and all of that, without a single change in your website, just adding Pathmonk’s Intelligent Assistant to your website.

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+40% revenue uplift

Pathmonk mission is to accelerate revenue growth with the easiest way to get the results of a high conversion landing page in your website.

You bring the traffic and Pathmonk converts. Use the power of Artificial Intelligence and sit back. In 5 minutes you can unleash +40% more revenue from your current website without any design change. 


Identify high value & high intent leads​

Get lead contact information, lead scoring & expected deal value. No more guessing
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Never miss a hot lead​

Immediately route your visitor to the right goal. Valuable leads meet the right sales rep in a matter of seconds
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Shorten the sales process​

Only get the valuable meetings booked in your sales rep's calendar
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The world's #1
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Accelerate website conversions
with Pathmonk

At Pathmonk,  we have set our goal to create the ultimate revenue growth engine. We have spent all our efforts into creating a technology that is able to uplift your revenue +40% using Artificial Intelligence. So you can get the results of a high conversion landing page in your website, effortless in less than 5 minutes.

Pathmonk delivers an outstanding customer experience, increases the time on page, improves SEO, and all of that, without a single change in your website. What are you waiting for to unleash the full potential of your website?