Propel Diversified Prospects through the Funnel with Meaningful Content | Interview with Brandee Sanders from Modal


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Purchasing a car can be a pressured, stressful, exciting, and rewarding experience. It comes with in-depth comparisons, budget checks, safety concerns, and pragmatic pressures. As digital transformation is ever-growing, specifically in the current climate, it can be daunting. However, in car-buying eCommerce, there is an expanding opportunity to offer high-end customer service that is seamless and beneficial to both the dealers and end-users.

Modal is the premier automotive eCommerce solution with omnichannel integration that is elegant, minimal, and transparent. We were thrilled to have the VP of marketing, Brandee Sanders, on the show. Brandee is new to the team, yet she is passionate about the industry and the competitive advantages of their product. As this industry attracts diversified prospects, Brandee is determined to expand and create meaningful content that encourages all varying personas further down the funnel

As Modal was quick to the Covid-digital rush and equally well-positioned in the market Brandee is eager to retain those clients and ensure their brand voice is the loudest in the showroom. With multi-channel marketing culminating at their website those diversified prospects require distinct content that is accessible and personalized. Listen in to hear Brandee discuss her goals and techniques to grow and expand their marketing presence.