Do You Analyze & Generate Your Market Reports Enough? | Interview with Alan Gleeson from Work With Agility


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Marketing is an investment. It is an investment into the growth of your business, however, some may view marketing as more of a support structure and cost implication. We were honored to have an expert in B2B SaaS marketing, Alan Gleeson on Pathmonk Presents. With all the efforts of generating leads and setting conversion foundations, Alan advises on the importance of generating and analyzing market reports to show the worth of your efforts and offer a benchmark for smart marketing.

As the founder of Work with Agility Alan helps businesses grow by delivering actionable insights that make a marked contribution to their journey. Realizing the demand for this role, Alan is offering agile solutions in a non-committal agreement for expanding tech companies. As his business has flourished with referrals he has focused on the content of his website. With this topic in mind, he believes there is as much value in auditing your data as well as your content.

Some may look at content as a simple and cost-effective solution to a key component in our strategies; however, Alan encourages companies to review and ensure that it is of high quality with educational value and brand contribution. With the various solutions to our growth, we can only truly grow by using the data from those vital market reports, setting goals and benchmarks for ultimate success.