Don’t Rely on Single Growth & Marketing Channels | Interview with Ryan Cote from Ballantine


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It is known that with age comes wisdom. This is equally relevant to a business. As a business exists for years it becomes well refined in its skills and reputation. Ballantine opened its doors in 1996 with a focus on direct mail marketing. As the business grew Ballantine integrated digital marketing forming the perfect blend that empowering businesses to make their mark across various marketing channels.

Ryan Cot, who is the director of digital services, has provided us with insights into the companies’ inner workings and growth channels. As a marketer himself Ryan notes the value of multi-channel marketing. As their business promotes a blend of channels for their clients the team at Ballantine has been sure to practice what they preach by not relying on single growth and marketing channels to encourage business expansion.

You have to be where your clients are in both the digital and physical world. From website conversions to social strategies to referrals and cold calling, Ballantine is covering all their bases ready to lead and nurture those personas through their buying journey.