Educate Your Audience at the Beginning of the Sales Cycle | Interview with Shawn Azman from Vidora


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The machine-learning market is increasing in popularity and will continue to expand as a method of data analysis. Many are aware of this solution yet it can be overwhelming in the idea of its application. In ways, it may seem like it is too advanced as a solution for your business. However, Vidora offers a machine learning platform that is easy to use with a no-code interface. This solution gives accessibility to the benefits of machine learning for any business.

We spoke to Shawn Azman, the head of operations who simply wants to increase education on this market space. With a high customer retention rate Vidora has been able to grow with referrals and brand awareness. As machine learning expands Shawn aims to educate their market at the beginning of the sales cycle. With the goal to capture the audience’s attention at the right time, Shawn aims to offer key content and moments to promote further interest.

At the crucial awareness stage of a buyer, it is essential that an audience is provided with everything they need. It is key to clearly state the benefit and the implication that benefit provides. It is essential that your visitors can relate to the problem and Shawn is eager to encourage education at the beginning of the sales cycle for increased lead generation.